Dr. Rose Kenny: How Doctors Can Improve Their Bedside Manner

Dr. Rose Kenny graduated from Tuft’s Medical School with her Medical Doctorate in 1995 and has gone on to enjoy an extensive career as a physician in the years that followed.

While diagnosing and treating ailments is a crucial part of a doctor’s work, bedside manner is also a critical component of patient care that should not be neglected. However, many physicians struggle with this aspect of their work so keep these pointers in mind if you would like to improve.

Talk To Patients As People

Most of your patients will be wary of their surroundings and may feel like they have little control over their circumstances, which can make them less confident and open when speaking to doctors. These feelings are exacerbated if you just treat them as conditions on a chart, so take some time to speak to your patients and get to know them.

Get Rid Of Distractions

Your patients should have your full attention whenever you interact with them. Checking your phone, looking at other patients’ charts or allowing your attention to drift will make them think you don’t care about what they are saying, which leads to distrust. This results in less information being provided, which can often make it difficult to provide care.

Keep It Simple

Complex medical terminology will often confuse those who do not have training, so consider ways to explain difficult issues in language that your patients will understand. Keep it simple and answer any questions openly and honestly.

Dr. Rose Kenny is an experienced physician who works at the Family Care Center in Redmond, Oregon.


About Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny is a multi-talented physician whose work ethic has seen her achieve success in her field.
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