Dr. Rose Kenny: Advice For Your First Yoga Class

In addition to being an experienced physician who has worked with many patients since Dr Rose Kenny began her career in 1995, Dr. Rose Kenny is also a physical fitness enthusiast.

Dr Rose Kenny has participated in Bikram Yoga classes for a number of years and has found the activity has helped her achieve a number of her fitness goals. Taking your first yoga class can be intimidating, so keep the below in mind to get the most out of it.

Introduce Yourself

Getting comfortable is one of the biggest challenges that yoga novices face, as they will be stepping into unfamiliar territory while surrounded by a group of people they have never met. The best way to counter this is to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates and get to know them a little better. If possible, try to spend some time talking to the instructor too.

Don’t Compete

As the class gets underway you will notice that a lot of the people in the room are a lot more flexible than you. This flexibility has been developed over many sessions of practice, so don’t feel as though you need to execute every pose with the same level of precision. Instead, take things at your own pace and don’t push your body to levels of extreme discomfort.

Eliminate Distractions

Yoga is intended to help practitioners focus their minds on their stretches and breathing. This can be made difficult if there are distractions, so keep talking to a minimum during the session and make sure your phone is switched off.

Dr. Rose Kenny is an experienced Bikram Yoga practitioner.



About Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny is a multi-talented physician whose work ethic has seen her achieve success in her field.
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