Dr. Rose Kenny’s Peers Talk About Her Work As A Physician

Summary: Since graduating from Tuft’s Medical School in 1995, Dr. Rose Kenny has provided care to many patients. Dr. Rose Kenny has earned the respect of her peers, many of whom can speak to her abilities.

Location: Redmond, Oregon

During the course of an extensive medical career, which began after she obtained her Medical Doctorate from Tuft’s Medical School in 1995, Dr. Rose Kenny has developed a reputation for providing quality care to her patients.

Dr Rose Kenny has worked for a number of family practices and medical facilities since graduating and has focused on improving her clinical knowledge in every way possible to ensure she continues to maintain the high standards she has set for herself throughout her career. Many of her peers recognize these efforts and have kind words to say about her efficacy as a doctor.

Dr. Andrew D. Neeb has worked with Dr. Kenny for almost a decade and he speaks of her scrupulous nature in keeping records for patients who require testosterone replacement therapy. “…She (keeps) meticulous records regarding laboratory values including Testosterone levels, hematocrit and PSA [Prostate Specific Antigen],” he says.

“Her flow sheets usually included the type of replacement that was being given, dosing and any changes that were made.” This attention to detail ensures that any patients under her care receive proper dosages, whether it be from her or any other physicians who work with them.

Dr. Adam P. Angeles, who is the Medical Director at Bend Plastic Surgery, had similarly kind words. “I regard her as an excellent physician and hold her in the highest regard,” he says when speaking of Dr. Kenny’s medical expertise.

“I’ve sent Dr. Kenny many complex patients and I found that all of them have been treated with respect and with the upmost care and professionalism.” This demonstrates the level of trust that Dr. Kenny’s fellow professionals have in her abilities.

Dr Rose Kenny work as a Clinical Informatician has also been complimented, with Dr. Rick Koch, who is a Cardiologist at Bend Memorial Clinic, adding “I was impressed with her development of an electronic medical record which allowed for efficient and comprehensive tracking of her patients’ preventive care.”

He went on to praise Dr. Rose Kenny’s dedication to improving the quality of the service that she and her fellow physicians provide to patients and made note of her efforts to innovate within her field to the benefit of those around her.


About Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny is a multi-talented physician whose work ethic has seen her achieve success in her field.
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