Dr. Rose Kenny: Highly-Recommended Professional

Dr. Rose Kenny is a practicing family physician who lives and works in Redmond, Oregon. She has nearly two decades of experience specializing in family practice and clinical informatics. Dr. Kenny maintains an excellent reputation with patients and colleagues alike, as evidenced by the below excerpt:

Dr Rose Kenny

“I have known Dr. Kenny for fifteen years and I have several positive things to say about her,” wrote Dr. Rose Kenny’s colleague. “Fifteen years ago, she was a new Family Physician and I met her as a member of the medical staff of Central Oregon District Hospital . . . Rose had just moved from Red Bluff, California and was extremely excited to bring her Family Medicine training and skills to our small community.

Dr Rose Kenny

“Her practice quickly grew. I was able to observe her in the Emergency Department as she admitted patients and took care of complicated admissions . . . I know quality and I know efficiency, and Dr. Rose Kenny possesses both. I also know of her passion for medical informatics and in my experience, that passion has led to life-saving competence.”


About Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny is a multi-talented physician whose work ethic has seen her achieve success in her field.
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