Dr. Rose Kenny: Well-Loved Doctor

Dr. Rose Kenny is a family physician who lives and works in Redmond, Oregon. Dr. Rose Kenny has nearly two decades of experience and she works hard to maintain her reputation. Her efforts have paid off, as the professional review below is just one of many:

“I have known Dr. Rose Kenny for over ten years,” wrote a colleague. “I often refer patients to her and found her clinical skills exemplary. I have been to her clinic on several occasions and am aware of her clinical skills, her diagnostic skills and clinical acumen.

I regard her as an excellent physician and hold her in the highest regard. I’ve sent Dr. Kenny many complex patients and I found that all of them have been treated with respect and with the upmost care and professionalism. She’s an expert with her electronic medical record system, which she has optimized, and I am impressed how thorough she is with regard to her clinical diagnosis and treatment plans.”

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About Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny is a multi-talented physician whose work ethic has seen her achieve success in her field.
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